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FTLife Spring-Summer Delight Earn up to 2,000 K Dollars Reward!

FTLife Spring-Summer Delight Earn up to 2,000 K Dollars Reward!
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FTLife has always been committed to helping you and your loved ones accumulate wealth, so you can tackle life’s challenges with ease. Starting today, simply purchase the Designated Life and Saving Plan(s) to earn up to 2,000 K Dollars, which is equivalent to HKD2,000. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy amazing offers as well as a simple and flexible wealth plan!

Application Submission Date: 1 April 2023 to 15 June 2023 (both dates inclusive)

Last Approval Date: 30 June 2023

Annualised First-Year Premium of Designated Plans (Basic Plan) and Rider(s) attached to the Designated Plans which are purchased during the Promotion Period
K Dollar Reward
HKD 20,000 - < HKD 40,000


HKD 40,000 - < HKD 60,000


>= HKD 60,000


You can purchase the following Designated Life and Saving Plan(s) based on different needs of yourself and your family

  • Fortune Saver Insurance Plan 3
  • Regent Insurance Plan 2 (Global Prestige Version)
  • Regent Insurance Plan 3 (Prestige Version)
  • "RewardPro" Insurance Plan
  • Everglow 128 Insurance Plan

For the product details, please refer to
-the relevant Product Brochure, or
-First-Year Premium Refund and Guaranteed Interest Rate on Prepaid Premiums Limited Offer Flyers

Subject to the relevant terms and conditions


K Dollar reward campaign(s) will be launched from time to time exclusively for FTLife customers

Terms and Conditions

Promotion terms and conditions apply.

  1. The Promotion Periods under This Promotion (“Promotion Period”) are as follows:
  2. Application Submission
    1 April 2023 to 15 June 2023 (both days inclusive)
    Last Approval Date 30 June 2023
  3. To earn the K Dollar Reward (“Reward”), Customers (excluding corporate customers) must purchase the Designated Plan(s) mentioned in this flyer (Basic Plans) (“Designated Plan”) and all riders or Complementary Policy (if applicable) attached to the Policy (“Eligible Riders”) and during the Promotion Period with purchase amount reaches designated Annualised First-Year Premium, and complete the underwriting process and be approved by FTLife on or before 30 June 2023 (“Eligible Policy”).
  4. All Eligible Policy(ies) must be still in force when the Reward is issued. If any Eligible Policy is terminated or partially surrendered (if applicable) within 2 years from the effective date or any Eligible Rider attached to the Eligible Policy is terminated within 2 years from the effective date, FTLife Insurance Company Limited (“FTLife”) reserves the right to deduct all amounts equal to the relevant Reward. If the customer cancels all the Eligible Policy(ies) of the Designated Plan(s) within the cooling-off period, the customer will not be entitled to the K Dollar Reward.
  5. This promotion is offered to each Eligible Policy. If the customer has applied for more than one Eligible Policy, the annual premium of these policies will not be aggregated in calculating the Reward. If the customer has applied for more than one Eligible Policy of the same product, the Reward will be calculated based on the earliest approved policy.
  6. Customer(s) can enjoy the Reward stated in the following table based on the Annualised First-Year Premium of Designated Plan(s) as Policy Owner(s) during the Promotion Period (excluding corporate customers). Each Eligible Policy is entitled to up to 2,000 K Dollars within the Promotion Period.
  7. Annualised First-Year Premium K Dollar Reward K Dollar Reward
    HKD 20,000 – < HKD 40,000

     500 K Dollars

    HKD 40,000 – < HKD 60,000

     1,000 K Dollars

    >= HKD 60,000

     2,000 K Dollars

  8. Annualised First-Year Premium is calculated based on each Eligible Designated Plan(s) during the Promotion Period. FTLife will calculate the Annualised First-Year Premium applicable to the Eligible Policy(ies) according to the following approach (calculated on the premium before the premium discount (if applicable)): – Single premium: 10% of total premium paid – Annual premium: annual premium amount of the first policy year – Semi-annual premium: half-year premium amount of the first policy year x 2 – Monthly premium: monthly premium amount of the first policy year x 12 For policy(ies) denominated in USD, FTLife will calculate the Annualised First-Year Premium based on the exchange rate declared by FTLife on the policy issue date of the relevant policy(ies). For details, please refer to the website: www.ftlife.com.hk/en/support/insurance-premium-exchange-rate.cshtml. The premium of the new Rider attached to the existing Basic Plan, premium levy, pre-paid premium (if applicable), loading premium (if applicable) and the cancelled Designated Policy(ies) and Eligible Rider(s) within the cooling-off period is not entitled to the Reward.
  9. This Promotion can be used in conjunction with First-Year Premium Refund and Guaranteed Interest Rate on Prepaid Premiums Limited Offer for Designated Plan(s) (if applicable).
  10. Eligible Customers must be K Dollar Program members at the time of Reward redemption to enjoy the Reward.
  11. The notification with Reward redemption details will be sent via email or SMS or correspondence to Eligible Customers within 1 month after the cooling-off period of the Eligible Policy(ies) according to their latest correspondence record at FTLife. Eligible Customers shall redeem their Reward according to the instructions, terms and conditions stated in the relevant correspondence. Those who have no valid correspondence record at FTLife will not receive any notification.
  12. The Rewards under This Promotion are not convertible to cash, other prizes or privileges, and must be used before the K Dollar expiry date.
  13. FTLife is not the provider of K Dollars and shall not be liable or responsible for any matters related to the Rewards and services as well as the consequences of using such Rewards and services. The use of K Dollars is subject to the K Dollar Program terms and conditions.
  14. The sole responsibility for verifying any data or information that is sent to the customer in connection with payment by K Dollars remains exclusively with the customer. FTLife shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever in relation to your use of such payment method.
  15. In case of any disputes, FTLife and Missions Points Network Company Limited, the operator of the K Dollar Program, reserve the right of final decision.
  16. Any information provided by the applicants which is incomplete, false, fake, feigned, forged, illegal, fraud, inappropriate and misused will be considered as violating the terms and conditions of This Promotion. FTLife reserves all the rights to disqualify the Reward without any further notice.
  17. FTLife reserves the right to make all final decisions on policy application, approval and all activities related to This Promotion. In case of any disputes in relation to This Promotion, our decision shall be final and binding.
  18. FTLife reserves all the rights to suspend or terminate This Promotion or amend its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The Eligible Policy(ies) issued prior to such termination, suspension or change of This Promotion will remain unaffected. If any dispute arises from This Promotion, FTLife’s decision should be final and conclusive.
  19. No person other than the customer and FTLife will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance to enforce any of the provisions under these terms and conditions or enjoy the benefit of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  20. This flyer is intended to be distributed in Hong Kong only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or a provision of any of FTLife’s products outside Hong Kong. FTLife hereby declares that it has no intention to offer or to offer to sell, to solicit to buy or to provide.
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