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The Field

The Field
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Inspired by the adjacent football pitch and sports complex in Kwai Chung District, the shop is replete with sports elements Entering the “Sports Ground” zone from Wing Fong Road, football fans can delve into a football fantasyland through enjoying the football matches and live sports event on the big TV screen Other than that, the “Train to Win” and “Inspire to Win” areas are well equipped with different leisure facilities customer can enjoy the training facilities available in “Train to Win” while others may read an extensive collection of books and magazines on lifestyle, sports, football and racing topics in "Inspire to Win” area There are different workshops and gatherings held within the areas on a regular basis Through the visit to the Kwai Chung Shop, customers can have an extraordinary experiences where they can participate in different leisure activities while enjoying the delicacies.

New Territories
Shop 5, 1/F, Southern Building, 3 Wing Fong Road, Kwai Chung (* No Entry to People Aged Under 18)