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WeWell by UMP Healthcare

WeWell by UMP Healthcare
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WeWell Healthcare is a health service platform established by UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 722), focusing on family health management, recommending and arranging professional medical and health services for each family member, including health checkup, vaccinations and other specialist medical services referrals, etc. Become a member to get the latest health information and various service discounts, along with One-on-one nutrition consultation provided by nutritionists such as weight management, meal planning and supplement recommendation.

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WeWell by UMP brings a range of mind and body-balancing experiences and rewards to WeWell members. The WeWell Membership mobile app changes the way members interact with WeWell and brings even more rewards to members. Now by any purchase on health checkup, vaccinations and nutrition consultations, you can earn We points and convert We Points to K Dollars effortlessly using Wewell App and spend 1 K Dollar as HK$1 instant cash at K11 MUSEA, K11 Art Mall and over 1000 participating merchants, extending to beyond K11!

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Every 200 We Points can be converted to 1 K Dollar.

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